App Icon Badging, Bouncing and Progress Bar

Count Badges

Works on all platforms
You can easily set the counter using the setBadgeCount method. Setting the count to 0 will hide the badge.;
Badge count set to 2 (Mac)

Text Badges

Works on Mac only
On mac, you have the option to set the set the dock badge to any text you like."👋🙊 Hello");
Text badge set to "👋🙊 Hello"

Bouncing dock icon

Work on Mac only
Bouncing the dock icon has two modes: critical and informational. If no parameters are used then the default is informational.
  • informational — the dock icon will bounce once (for a duration of one second)
  • critical — the dock icon will bounce until either the application becomes active or the request is canceled
// Bounce the dock icon once'informational');
// Bounce the dock icon for 5 seconds
const cancelBounceId ='critical');
setTimeout(() => {;
}, 5000);

Show progress bar

Works on all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux). On Linux, only the Unity desktop environment is supported.
// Set progress bar to 75%
// Set progress bar to intermediate mode. Any value
// greater than `1` will trigger intermediate mode
// Remove progress bar. Any value less than `0`
// will remove the progress bar
// Set progress bar to 75% in error mode (Windows only)
window.todesktop.window.setProgressBar(0.75, {
// Progress bar modes are only available on Windows.
// Available modes are: 'indeterminate', 'error', and 'paused'.
mode: 'error'
Progress bar set to 0.75 (Mac)

Putting it all together — An homage to Daft Punk

We made a quick video that puts all the methods together. It's just a bit of fun and not very practical but we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it (headphones recommended):