Some applications e.g. event check-in may want to programatically print without going through the browser dialog.
We expose two methods to your app's window: window.todesktop.contents.getPrinters() to get the device's saved printers and window.todesktop.contents.print() to do the actual printing.
If you have used Electron before, these methods will look familiar as we use the same function signatures.
window.todesktop.contents.print([options], [callback])
Skips the browser print dialog and begins printing.
Boolean. Optional. Defaults to false.
silent: true,
Print the background color and image of the page.
Boolean. Optional. Defaults to false.
printBackground: false,
Set the printer to use. You can get the available
printer names with window.todesktop.contents.getPrinters()
String. Optional. Defaults to ''.
deviceName: 'EPSON_WF_7610_Series'
success will be a boolean indicating whether or not
the printing call was successful.
success =>
? console.log('Printed successfully.')
: console.error('Could not print the page.')

Get available printers

window.todesktop.contents.getPrinters() will return an array of available printers.
const printers = window.todesktop.contents.getPrinters();
// {
// name: 'Zebra_LP2844',
// description: 'Zebra LP2844',
// status: 3,
// isDefault: false,
// options: {
// /* ... */
// }